Four Apps for Driving

Four Clever Smartphone Apps for Safe Driving

Mobile phones, especially smartphones have become one of the most useful and indispensable gadgets in the world today. Smartphones are incredibly versatile, providing all sorts of useful information from the latest news and weather reports to sports/stock market updates, etc. One of the fastest growing niches in smart phone applications is the driving apps category.Four Apps for Driving

Four Apps for Driving
Four Apps for Driving

If you need to use your phone while driving, without breaking the law and endangering yourself or the others on the road, then these apps prove to be indispensable.

Here is a list of several expedient applications from the driving apps category that will make driving safer for you and your family.

iOn Road (Android):
This is a very clever app that uses the phone’s cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS sensors to alert you in advance about any possible threat of collision. If you approach another vehicle while driving, the app will alert you via audio or visual or both. This can be very useful in heavy traffic conditions or when you are driving in a lane where you need to constantly watch the vehicle ahead and can’t really look out for the ones approaching from other directions. The app offers additional features such as – alerting you when you’re speeding, helping you to locate your car on the GPS, and warning you when you deviate from your lane.

Drive Safe Mode (iPhone):
This app works by locking your phone so that you can’t access your phone while driving. However, it doesn’t actually turn the phone off, but only keeps it in a safe mode. It allows you to quickly access (speed dialling feature) some important numbers, which you have to feed in beforehand, in case of an emergency. It is very effective for teens who are in a habit of texting while driving. Priced at a nominal amount, it can be downloaded from the Apple app market.

Safely Go (Android):
Safely Go is an app that is similar to the Drive Safe app, but is for Android users. This is not much different from the Drive Safe iPhone app; however, it comes with a few other useful features. The app sends out an email or text message to the people trying to contact you when you are driving or are otherwise indisposed and can’t take your calls. When enabled, this feature works automatically without you having to touch the phone, making it an ideal app for situations such as – when you are driving, are in a meeting or conference, playing a sport, or out at the beach or pool. The best part about this app is that it is available for free!

My Max Speed (iPhone):
This is a great app for parents of teenagers who have recently learnt to drive and who have a habit of over speeding a lot. It helps you keep track of the max speed and duration at that speed at which your child is/was driving. Such a record can help you decide whether to give the vehicle to your kid the next time he/she asks.

Instead of treating your smartphone as a distraction, you can use your phone to ensure yours and other people’s safety through these apps. In any case, it might be possible to avoid accidents but chances are, you or your child will get engaged in one at some point in your life. Hence, for an even more secure driving experience, especially when you let your young ones drive for the first time, it is advised that you get your vehicle insured from a reliable insurance provider