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It is very important to get a good insurer for your motor vehicle. So when buying an insurance for your car you must compare between various companies, their commitments and services they offer, so that you can chose the best option. The American automobile association (AAA) is a federation of motor clubs through north america. AAA car insurance is very renowned for providing roadside service assistance, auto repair, travelling or trip planning, motoring advice and traffic safety. It also offers high quality automobile insurance to members as well as non-members.

What to look for while buying an insurance for your vehicle-#Brand-This is most important parameter while selecting which insurance to buy. 1A companies brand is built over the year based on its customer review and satisfaction.#Coverage-Next thing to check for is the coverage that the insurer is providing. You should select the right insurance cover that suits your requirement.#Customer Service- Check how fast and stress free is the companies claim settlement process would be if your vehicle meets an accident.#Premium-The premium charged should be an important criteria for buying a car insurance policy but the decision shouldnt be driven based on low premium quote only. Being a AAA member has its own advantages. It has an easy system to use for its members. You can ask for a quote online or you may call customer support ask them for quote. AAA car insurance has a coverage over a vast area. They can even provide service in an area which they dont have coverage with the help of other well known agencies. If you have an accident you can find an AAA repair facility using the online locator or you can use your own mechanic and claim for a reimbursement later.

AAA car insurance can give you a great discount if you can do the following#Take a defensive driving course-You can get a discount on your premiums by doing a defensive driving course.#Pay your premium once annually- Pay your premium in a go instead of paying in installments throughout the year.#Combine your policies- You can indeed get a discount when you combine your home insurance or other vehicle insurance along with your AAA car insurance.#Membership- You can get AAA membership to avail extra discount on car insurance.
Being a member you can also avail following benefits:#Replacement cost coverage on new vehicles#Cell phone, Laptop or tablet computer replacement coverage#Substitute Transportation#Personal belongings replacement#Pet Injury Coverage#Seat belt and air bag death benefit Etc.. Coverage are subject to policy terms. You can contact an agent to understand the benefits better.11

AAA has a mobile app designed to help you in finding hotels, restaurants and request roadside assistance like to tow. You can manage your account or file a claim online. AAA has a great customer base and a high customer rating which proves the customer satisfaction. But the only problem with AAA is that some of its benefits are available in only few states. So you have to get a quote and analyze the benefits before buying a car insurance.

AAA car insurance might have higher premiums and fewer options then many other car insurance agency, but it has amazing customer service and discounts for AAA members. It is always easy to decrease the premium of your insurance by compromising on some fronts. But you should make sure that you still have the right coverage to fit your requirements. After all insurance is worthless if it cant help you when you need it.

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