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Car insurance for women Myth vs. reality

It is a misconception that women drivers are not as reliable as insurance and their male counterparts. If in doubt, ask the insurance sector. They are in business to reduce risk and increase profits. And in the real world, it means recognizing that women are better drivers than men, measured by almost every metric imaginable.

Insurers have historically used demographics (eg, gender and age of drivers involved in accidents) as part of its formula for calculating insurance rates. All things being equal, the demographic groups who have a higher incidence of accidents while driving cause rates to rise for everyone in this group. And the facts show that women are safer drivers than men.

A recent study from Carnegie-Mellon concluded that men are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident than women. Further evidence of the insurance industry showed that while 68% of women have no traffic violations, men who have never received a traffic violation is only 64%. An additional finding was the number of repeat offenders for each sex. The study found that men as a group are more likely to have received a subpoena for women by a factor of 10%.

In an effort to recognize these differences between men and women, several insurance companies cater specifically to women drivers to ensure that women pay a lower rate than men. These insurance companies have created special individual companies to provide financing and car insurance for women only.

In short, the insurance industry found that young men are actually the highest risk among all drivers.

Find out, is easy to get a quote without any insurance provider how you are doing compared to other types of drivers. In short: You will find that (all else being equal) car insurance for women is generally cheaper than the same coverage for men.

Of course, the insurance industry looks at more than just sex when deciding your premium. That being said, the general perception that women are worse drivers than men is something that is not supported by the facts.

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