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Auto Insurance: A brief discussion of no fault insurance

In recent decades there has been a lot of states in the US they have passed the policy called no fault. Many drivers are confused about the label for coverage for those who think they will not be responsible for anything because it is not his fault. This is not true, it is a mistake based on ignorance of the law view.

First a lack of guilt simply means that the culprit is to be held responsible for any and all damage incurred in the accident. So many people think that because they are not to blame, so their insurance companies should not pay for damage to vehicles innocent. They believe that once a claim is filed increase insurance rate if the error or not. Unfortunately, the right to determine who is guilty and who is innocent.

If the negligent party because they can always take it to court and argue otherwise, as is their right. In some states without these laws, the legal system filled to the brim with such cases. This is the reason why other states have decided to adopt this law in your area, so the courts can determine the amount to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, etc., in no-fault insurance, both negligent and innocent parties are responsible for their own injuries and must charge their own insurance companies.

Many drivers who have a good track record does not feel that the law is just in case the driver guilt is the only claim, their insurance is not to be touched. They need not submit any claims and thus benefit from the lowest based on a good record bonuses.

On the other hand, if there is such a law would have good drivers bad drivers force the courts to collect and this may have more money and time. Towards the end of the matter, is that lawyers who receive the money, the courts are clogged with the large number of cases, and both good and bad drivers lose a lot of money to pay attorneys fees.

For many, the law is good for this will save a lot of money and a lot of time on the field. But it should also be noted that many states have different versions of the bill.

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